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How to set intentions?

Hoi, hello, bonjour it’s Mirabelle, This week’s blog is a little different. I’m kicking off a confidence series on Youtube, sharing some methods and unblocked

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Ten ways to love your body

The worst thing is the diet culture equates weight and size with happiness and health. Being thinner doesn’t mean necessarily you’re healthier. Behaviors are much

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Hi GF, What Type of Eater Are You?
Do you eat to make you feel good?
You are more likely to eat when you are upset or stressed?
After a bad day, you find comfort in a few chocolate biscuits...
Before dinner, you plan to eat what's on your plate, but often end up going for seconds?
Do you eat more likely when you are hungry?
While prepping dinner, you follow the recipe carefully?
Busy, stressful day or not, you stick to your usual dinner plans?