Choose your values

Hoi, hello, bonjour it’s Mirabelle,

This week’s blog is a little different. I’m kicking off a confidence series on Youtube, sharing some methods and unblocked beliefs that had a real impact on my life. 

We will be talking about overcoming life, career, and body image struggles. Your potential is limitless, you are your only limit. Step into your power today! Are you in for trusting your intuition? 
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#1 Let your core values guide you 

Let me be honest, I used to struggle with my past and this is something that comes up during conversations with many of my clients. Often I notice, that my clients have the belief they have to work hard to get somewhere or they have to change their appearance to receive appreciation from their own friends. Although you can get results, you will be exhausted. Let me repeat: Exhausted!! On top of that, you might end up in a life you suppose to have instead of following your intuition. 

#2 My Six A-method

Step one ATTITUDE 

The first step in my client’s journey is all around the beliefs that you have to let go. We make sure that everything we do in life is aligned with our values. This is the reason I created the value you guide which you can be downloaded for free today.

How you treat your body, interact with others, how you proceed with your family life, career, and hobbies is based on your core values. We don’t focus on the why, we look at what’s is inside and from there, we are and act upon. Pretty deep I know!! But hear me out, with The Value You Guide it’s easy to implement values for your life. 

How is works…

  • Download the guide
  • Block out 10 minutes to sit down with a print copy or on your phone or tablet, whatever you prefer…
  • Pick 3 values that resonate with you 
  • Take aligned action! 

👇🏼 Download The Value You Guide here 👇🏼

Download the guide here
or watch on Youtube here

#3 Lead by compassion

For years my biggest value was success, but today I have stepped into another power and that is compassion. Everything I do, how I treat my body, and lead my business I do this with compassion. If I want to do a one hour run and didn’t have much sleep the night before, I would choose to go for a walk instead. I want to treat my body in a gentle way and all it needs at that moment is rest and slow movement.

Another situation, with my lover, if I start picking on him, I know it’s time to take a step back. I understand that I overreacted at that moment and do take the time to do a 2 minutes breathing exercise. I would focus on being present. Compassion is also when life doesn’t go as planned that you accept that it wasn’t meant to be and you have to act or look at the situation differently. In reality, not all repetitive actions will lead to the same results.

My natural response would be to work more hours if something is off at work. The same for weight gain, I would work out more, eat less, but although the effort has been done, the results won’t show because what worked once might not work the next time.

I encourage you to do this exercise in detail with the downloadable The Value You Guide to stop the struggles and step into your power today. 

Now let’s create your absolute life, GF! 

x. Mirabelle 

Hoi Hallo Bonjour

I'm Mirabelle

A nutritionist, self-love food & body image coach, ex-binge eater, personal development junkie & your new GF.

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