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Choose your values

How to set intentions?

Hoi, hello, bonjour it’s Mirabelle, This week’s blog is a little different. I’m kicking off a confidence series on Youtube, sharing some methods and unblocked beliefs that had a real impact on my life.  We will be talking about overcoming life, career, and body image struggles. Your potential is limitless, you are your only limit. Step into your power today! Are you in for trusting your intuition?  #1 Let your core values guide you  Let me be honest, I used

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Absolute Positive


Who has been on an airplane will know that during the safety speech before the take off the steward educates

Busy aan het niksen

Do you remember the last time you had an empty agenda? Do you recall a date that you had with

happier you

Happier you

I was chatting with a friend about the small things in life that can make you happy. As a parent,

Tacos for breakfast

Tacos in the morning

Unless you live in Texas, United States, you probably have never tried stuffing a tortilla for breakfast with scrambled eggs, beans, and more nourishing ingredients.

How to make iced coffee at home

This easy Iced Coffee recipe is a game-changer. I absolutely prefer making this coffee at home to buying coffee anywhere out.  Here’s what you will

Oats bites

These baked oatmeal energy bars are a delicious hand-held breakfast for all ages. One of the best things about this recipe is how easy it

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Absolute Binge Free
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Ten ways to love your body

The worst thing is the diet culture equates weight and size with happiness and health. Being thinner doesn’t mean necessarily

Cultivating Confidence

Confidence can be the cornerstone of success. If we do not believe in ourselves, how can others believe in you?

Absolute Living
Lisa Huiskamp interviewed by AbsoluteRubbish

Nutritionist morning routine

Hoi, hello, bonjour my love! Welcome to my Absolute Morning routine series, where I try out Dutch nutritionist Lisa Huiskamp and other girl bosses morning

Health Coach morning routine

Hoi, hello, bonjour, welcome to my morning routine series, where I try out Meghan Belcher and other girl bosses morning routines and give my honest

Digital nomad morning routine

Hoi, hello, bonjour, welcome to my morning routine series, where I try out Charel Elberse and other girl bosses morning routines and give my honest

Stay active

Is there finally some good news about the pandemic, COVID-19. We have suddenly extra time on our hands. Where you before had a busy rhythm,

Popup circle

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Do you eat more likely when you are hungry?
While prepping dinner, you follow the recipe carefully?
Busy, stressful day or not, you stick to your usual dinner plans?