Do you remember the last time you had an empty agenda? Do you recall a date that you had with yourself? Being busy with birthday parties, vacations and errands are one thing, take a few moments in the week or weekend for yourself is as essential than feeding your life with connecting with others. The key for a great life, at least to me, is a good balance between productivity, niksen and fulfillment. I tend to lean more in on the productivity topic. You might describe it as a workaholic. A balance between work hard and relax is a must for me to keep on going overall.

I even go a step further and book busy aan het niksen moments in my Google calendar. Absolute right! I schedule my niksen time. Many times I get the best ideas during my niksen appointments. Is it a blog idea, new initiative for the workforce, or an alternative workout plan, taken the time to slow down at the end makes me creative and faster. Controversial, for sure! Although you are resting, your brain is still active and in the background processing information. It’s comparable with rebooting your computer. What are you waiting for? Make your busy aan het niksen appointment too. Give yourself the power to do absolute nothing at all, to do the small rubbish that matters, and enjoy the moment. It feels a bit awkward when you start doing it. I do recommend you start small. One or two niksen time slots per week, is a strong start. When I started, I did set an alarm. It prevented me from occupying my mind with my next appointment or bouncing from one task to the other. 

Who would have guessed that by doing less, you would do more? So think twice, when your colleague or family member is asking you how did your weekend go? You simply say I was busy aan het niksen. 

B. x

Hoi Hallo Bonjour

I'm Mirabelle

A nutritionist, self-love food & body image coach, ex-binge eater, personal development junkie & your new GF.

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