Who has been on an airplane will know that during the safety speech before the take off the steward educates us that in case of emergency, please put on your oxygen mask before the attempt to help others. What if we are filling our cup first before seeking out to others when we are overwhelmed, dealing with life changing decisions, stressed from work or an accumulation of personal struggles. If we do take the time for self care, we often get the stamp selfish. In practice our 9to5 jobs, or lets be honest 9 to 7jobs, showing our emotions are not always welcome. We have to put our confidence mask on, while we are dealing with anxiety at work. Do you also have the tendency to push harder and harder, instead of managing anxiety and welcome your emotions? You often achieve the opposite of what you like to accomplish with this attitude. We put our emotions on pause, neglecting our body signs. Do you recognise some of the following pains, getting lots of infections, being tense, insomnia, arguments with your significant other? You can whine about this, take plenty of meds and feel even more overwhelmed, or you can use these signs as a starting point. Your body is trying to teach you something. It’s been convincing you to change something in your life, screaming that it wants more rest, or even heal some trauma from the past. Long story short, your body is saying you have to take care of yourself. Ask for help, put yourself first from time to time, say no now and then and chill out (wo)man. 


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I'm Mirabelle

A nutritionist, self-love food & body image coach, ex-binge eater, personal development junkie & your new GF.

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