Confidence can be the cornerstone of success. If we do not believe in ourselves, how can others believe in you? Give yourself today the permission to cultivate your confidence. I am here to help you along the way by giving you the tools to show up like a boss. Like you own the place!

Let’s start with redefining confidence. Ask yourself ‘how does confidence look like for me’? Questioning all you have been programmed to believe. Confidence is about energy. You see it! You feel it! It is that inner knowing that you are worthy of the person that you are becoming. All the outside stuff like pedicured nails, handbags, shiny sneakers are nice to have, but if you zoom out on what confidence means to you, you are more likely to end up with the same answers. Your inner peace!

Secondly, ditch the when-liners. Did you catch yourself saying today, yesterday, or this week, ‘when I reach x I will be happy’? We all strive towards the finish line, but to become honest with ourselves, we all learn the most by doing. Great things are happening along the way. Do not get me wrong, along with that we do set goals, and we do accomplish tasks. After all, we shine when we fall in love with the process.

Finally, embrace your weakest points. As such, those are the things that make you unique. We have the tendency to pretend we are perfect humans. In case you want to move forward, you might have to do the unexpected. No drama, more embracing those less perfect moments in life.

Truly show up, as you redefine confidence for you, no matter the shaped end goals, and don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to occur. Remind yourself daily of your why and start absolutely to shine.

B. x

Hoi Hallo Bonjour

I'm Mirabelle

A nutritionist, self-love food & body image coach, ex-binge eater, personal development junkie & your new GF.

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