Hoi, hello, bonjour, welcome to my morning routine series, where I try out Charel Elberse and other girl bosses morning routines and give my honest and quirky opinion about their start of the day. 

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If your morning routine could use some ‘je ne sais quoi’, check out my bi-weekly posts on how entrepreneurs kick-start their day and decide for yourself if you rather press the snooze button or implement some of their tricks into your daily morning habits.

So what’s the secret of  Charel Elberse productivity? 

Charel Elberse is a brand and business coach with a focus on unique design and website branding. She loves to share her nomad lifestyle on her Instagram account.


Charel’s morning

Charel wakes up naturally every morning. This girl doesn’t need an alarm to start her day. At 7 am she jumps right out of her B&B bed and into her habit of answering client emails.

She is thirsty and gets straight into descent water intaken, after a long night’s sleep and some early morning business service. She always swears by a triple combination of coffee, water, and tea. When the weather allows it, at her tropical location, Charel would have breakfast with her boyfriend in the sun. For breakfast, she would usually go for yogurt with fruit. 

If you know Charel well, you will notice that she is consistently making notes or to-do lists for her business, Tsaroo.  She started this procrastination hack at uni, after reading a book by author Richard Branson. She writes all her ideas down on whatever is available such as a hotel napkin or on one of her digital devices.  Charel knows that if she doesn’t write it down, the tasks seem too hard to complete. She makes sure she knows what to prioritize that day, breaks down her to do’s in small tasks. It’s her mission to crosscheck them before 3 pm hits.  

It’s obvious this girl loves to plan her days, as it gives her a feeling of rest and completion. She even has a diary on her laptop. We are not talking about a typical diary here, in contrary, it’s full of to-do lists, new projects, and even some administration. Charel knows how to track her day. 

Routine tips

  • You can choose to be proactive or productive. Charel for sure has chosen the productive route. She knows the best how to plan her mornings. Get things done! She has her personal system, the to-do diary. This gives her direction and structures most of her days. She records all her tasks in her diary, so she can visually see her progress. It gives her that extra boost in the morning towards her business and personal goals. 
  • Listen up, Charel, dives immediately into her laptop, in the first hour of waking up. That is something her clients appreciate, however, adding some mornings for me- or we-time would be more beneficial for her. There are so many different demands on her time, certainly when she travels around the globe.
  • Next up, breakfast. Downing a glass of water will help her feel more energized. Plus, this reminds her to keep drinking water throughout the day. Charel’s unique ritual of coffee, tea, and water is a marvelous idea to stay hydrated. A simple breakfast is a key to starting her day, while she tackles her most important tasks in the morning. Anyway, who can focus on an empty stomach?  

My takeaways of Charel’s routine

During Charel’s morning, I got a lot done. I would have been more upbeat if I had taken some silence time first thing in the morning. I felt overwhelmed by the do-list, however, that would be more a personal preference of more flow, less planning.  

Best for planners and those who like coffee, tea, and water all at once!
Charel’s routine is productive and pretty flexible. 

What is your morning routine? Comment below!

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