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I was chatting with a friend about the small things in life that can make you happy. As a parent, busy worker,… lack of time, is the most common excuse of not doing something that recharges you. We start talking about slow living and how this could help anyone who wants to get their life back on track. In this blog post I want to share my ideas on slow living. 

So what’s slow living…lets get straight to the point.

It is not…

  • a fancy manicure
  • drinking champagne at an exotic destination
  • doing things slower

Slow living is about the conscious choices you take about how you will use your energy. We tend to use the terms: I am busy, If I only had more hours in the day and so on. It’s about eliminating habits, material things even people that no longer serve you. We all went through phases in life and we sure can remember people who put you down the drain, or even absolute worse bullied us.

Slow living is about taking the opportunity to reflect what makes you happy. Find the people that fuel you up, practice hobbies that give you joy and live the life which gives you a sense of achievement. Make this a habit by just taking two minutes of your day to appreciate yourself. How can we give if our cup is half or almost empty. Last weekend, I totally recharged my battery of life. I did activities that I was so keen on when I was a kid: walks, taking pictures, and searching for the exit in an adventurous labyrinth.

Recharge yourself. Work and responsibilities will still be there. Life comes in sprints, and we should not be proceeding life as a marathon for a long breath. Do something for yourself, even for a few minutes a day, and enjoy those little things in life. Great things are done by adding all the little things together. Do what makes you happier.

photo credits to Darryl Janssen

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