Hoi, hello, bonjour, welcome to my morning routine series, where I try out Meghan Belcher and other girl bosses morning routines and give my honest and quirky opinion about their start of the day. 

The health Coach morning routine

If your morning routine could use some ‘je ne sais quoi’, check out my weekly posts on how entrepreneurs kick-start their day and decide for yourself if you rather press the snooze button or implement some of their tricks into your daily morning habits. So what’s the secret of Megh’s positive mindset and self-confidence?

Meghan Belcher is a Transformational Coach with a focus on authentic, inner radiance and self-confidence for women.  She loves to share first-aid resistance talks and motivational quotes on her Facebook community group, the Total Body Confidence

This coach’s morning routine is, shall we say, mindful. She wakes up at 8 am on a regular workday. She might get that extra hour of sleep in on a day-off or after a big social event. After drinking a few glasses of water, she has her morning coffee. Before eating anything, she will take her supplements. Meghan takes amino acid and cordyceps capsules every morning, as she is kinda nerdy about her leverage to stay focused. If Meg is hungry in the morning she will definitely have breakfast before she ends her morning routine with a meditation session. These sessions usually take up to 20 minutes. 

She loves to keep her mornings relaxed, and nourished, so she has the entire day to focus on marketing her biz and feeling great.

Routine tips

  • Going into this, I didn’t know all that much about Meghan, except that she started her career as a life coach and she’s very fixated on sleep and staying focused. So it wasn’t shocking to learn that her morning routine puts in the effort to nourish her body and mind. I don’t know if you have ever had amino acid and cordyceps capsules…It was too heavy for my liking. 
  • Next up, the meditation. I really need to stop putting off a daily meditation session and if I do, it’s a brief five to ten minutes of breathing in and out practice. So, overall glad I was forced to do a longer session.  

Takeaways of Meghan’s morning routine

Basically, Meghan Belcher’s morning routine taught me to really nourish my mind and body. I really need to do more daily meditation practices.  

Best for pretty much anyone.
Especially, someone who can benefit from de-stressing.
Meghan’s routine is well-rounded and pretty relaxed. 

What is your morning routine? Comment below!

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