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Did you just come home from an afternoon date with your BFF who is saying that she just has incorporated intuitive eating into her lifestyle? You see her with a single ice cream cone by the beach and she can pull it off…meanwhile, you give it a try and end up eating the whole container that day. 


Let me be loud and clear here, there is nothing wrong with you GF! 

Overeating can be a normal part of the process, but feeling stuck in this phase can be overwhelming and chaotic for sure. 

Wondering what it is that you aren’t getting about stopping your obsession with food? 

Then girl, be sure to read this blog post and discover more in detail how to stop obsessing about food, so you can get your life back and create your absolute life. 

Binge eating can affect the quality of your life. Your life is too important to worry about every single bite. All you need is someone who can guide you through this binge-free process, give clarity, and tell you which direction to follow along the way. 

My e-book with personal steps will give you all this. 

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Now, let’s move on to the topic of today,

How can you overcome binge eating for good?!

Binge eating is something that a lot of GF’s struggle with. I didn’t realize how common it was until I started my coaching business and so many girls opened up to me about their binge eating issues. Let me reassure you are not alone! 

I am an ex-binge eater. I started to binge during my career growth in the corporate world. It was a response to my loneliness and to the frustration of having sacrificed family time to establish a safety net. So GF, we got this!  

What is binge eating?

Binge has been pretty much in any situation where you eat a large quantity of food in a short period. In most scenarios, the person continues to eat even though they are not hungry anymore. 

How to overcome binge eating? 

Do you eat when you are stressed? Sad? Overwhelmed? Bored? Do you follow strict dietary rules only to figure out later you are out of control with your eating? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you can consider yourself a binge eater that may be caused by emotions or restrictions.

Tip 1: Identify the type of food you are binging on 

Often, a person uses different foods to help them process different emotions. 

For instance, I have seen my male friends crunching on nuts when they are angry at their girls. The crunch lets them feel that they are doing something active and it soothes the angry feelings a bit, so they don’t spit out the wrong words to their girls. Your jaw holds a certain tension and can help with releasing anxiety. Massaging your jaw gives a similar effect.

If you tend to eat more bread and pasta while you are binging, then you might be looking for ways to shut off your mind. When we digest a bowl of pasta our blood sugar level rises. The brain then produces more serotonin. In a sense, you are self-meditating and enhance your mood by eating this food. Unfortunately, this feeling goes away quickly.

Tip 2: Ditch the diet police 

Don’t starve yourself or restrict yourself from certain foods. Starving yourself is not the best way to lose weight as it can slow down your metabolism over time. If you know you crave something, then incorporate it into your life. By now you probably know that dieting doesn’t work, yet food restriction and anxiety around food may come as second nature. It’s time to start learning how to recognize and honor our hunger. Hunger is the natural sensation that you feel when your body needs to eat something. Learning to honor your hunger is an essential step to transform your relationship with food and stop obsessing about it. 

Today, I have some homework for you that will help you to identify and understand better your hunger. 

Hunger Fullness Discovery Scale
copyrights to Everglow Nutrition

  1. Experience throughout the day with small hunger signals – slight headache, lack of mental focus, becoming hangry;
  2. Take a peak at the hunger and fullness scale and number your hunger;
  3. During the rest of the week, make time to eat, when you notice the signals, to satisfy the hunger;
  4. Be prepared with a few healthy snacks when life gets in the way. 

Tip 3: Allow yourself to enjoy the food

Stop labelling food as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as this leads to food guilt and emotional eating. Instead, try to eat mindfully, being aware of what you are eating. Connect with how food makes you feel. While you are at it, ditch the diet mentality (referring to tip number two). Choose foods based on how they make you feel. Eat foods that energize you, and stop eating foods that make you feel tired or bloated. It’s time to create your own definition of healthy and enjoyable foods. 

For me healthy foods means that what I eat supports me to wake up with energy, feeling confident and content, food that make me feel good. It’s easy to feel the pressure from the media or your surroundings. It feels like you have to eat a certain way that is considered ‘healthy’. I get you! That’s why for my clients I make sure that they create their own rules, free from restriction and free from how others dictate how to eat a certain way. I think, it’s time we start creating our absolute lives. Our own definition of what it means to be eating healthy. I eat and drink abundantly to feel good. That’s the #absoluterubbishlifestyle way. That’s what will set you free and will set you free from feeling guilty about dreaming about a Gelato in Italy. 

Tip 4: Move your body

With the pandemic, we had suddenly extra time on our hands. Just because clubs and gyms are closed, it is no excuse not to move. Here are a few tips for workouts at home or near the house, whether you have the equipment or not. 

Youtube workouts

Switching to a home routine isn’t easy, I get that. We are so used to follow the instructions of a coach or a program. The fastest way to start an at-home workout is to check out youtube videos, which are typically around ten to forty minutes. If you are up to it please check out my HIIT or zen workouts on my YouTube channel. You can sign up for my 10-minute body reset yoga workout here. 

Youtube channel Absolute Rubbish

Jump for joy

Skipping is a go-to warming up or skill to get a cardio workout in when you are trapped around the house. Step outside and make the full potential of the balcony or garden. Plus, you can get that extra Vitamin D during the endurance workout. 

The peloton bike

I agree this is a bigger investment. Cycling is an absolutely popular sport in the Netherlands and Belgium and I am sure there are cycling simpatico’s from around the globe. In all honesty, I have a cheaper alternative for the peloton bike. I did the following: put my sports bike on rollers. I do short rides of 20 to 40 minutes while I am listening to a new episode of the RiseandConquer podcast. One of my favorite podcasts that empowers women to thrive and conquer their day. 

Tip 5: Seek help 

It will take time, practice, and guidance to unlearn years of binge eating. Let’s be honest, our health journeys won’t be one straight line to the finish, but rather a winding path. 

I used to prioritize skinny over healthy. Now, I choose health and happiness. I am not a fan of quick fixes and diets. I believe in the long-term solution. That is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to become the boss of your life and the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. 

 If you are ready to take the leap, download my guide Ditch the Diet Culture. This 3-step formula guides you to make peace with food. 

I am also giving 1:1 coaching to women (and from time to time the men). I help my community to create worth without obsessing with their weight, so they can finally enjoy the beautiful life they have, free from rules and restrictions that keep them stuck. So that they can get their life back, and create their absolute life. 

Want to learn more about my 1:1 coaching program
schedule a discovery call with me here! 

Now, let’s create our Absolute lives GF’s! 

Mirabelle .x 

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