Marianne Hewit morning routine

Marianna Hewitt swears by a filling smoothie to jump-start the day.
What is the secret of  Marianna’s glowing skin and positive mindset? 

Hoi, hello, bonjour, welcome to my morning routines series, where I try out Marianna Hewitt and other girl bosses morning routines and give my honest and quirky opinion about their start of the day. 

Blogger morning routine

If your morning routines could use some ‘je ne sais quoi’, check out my weekly posts on how entrepreneurs kick-start their day and decide for yourself if you rather press the snooze button or implement some of their tricks into your daily morning habits. So what’s the secret of  Marianna’s glowing skin and positive mindset? 

Marianna Hewitt is a lifestyle blogger with a focus on all things beauty. She loves to share all her favorite meal recipes on her blog, Usually, when she wakes up, she has a standard check your phone time. She would scroll through Instagram and answer emails. 

Then she jumps out of the bed, brushes her teeth and washes her face. Her all-in-one skin regime is quick. To finish it up, she puts on a daily moisturizer with SPF in it.  

Then she moves on to breakfast. She is pretty lazy if it comes down to making breakfast. It’s usually berries, milk, flaxseed, protein powder, and peanut butter. As she mentioned herself on her youtube channel something that keeps her full all morning and jump-starts her metabolism. 

Then she will do some kind of walk. She has a dog, named Baby. Keeping your body moving is a good pump it up and feel good for the rest of the day. 

She loves to keep her morning routines the same and prefers to stick to a firm daily schedule. 

Routine tips

  • Listen up, Marianna, dives immediately into her phone, in the first few minutes of waking up. If you are using your phone as an alarm clock, try putting it on the do not disturb or airplane mode before you go to bed and try not to switch back your device after you have completed your morning routine. 
  • Apparently, I am too quick to jump conclusions about beauty bloggers, as I assumed that this morning would be a long list of products to apply on my skin in the morning.  It was really a simple skin routine and very close to my own rituals. 
  • Next up, breakfast. Overall the smoothie wasn’t enough for me to keep me full. By 10 am I start craving for more. I would have added an egg toast or something similar. Not forget to mention, that I missed coffee. 
  • I don’t’ have a dog, so I let myself out :). For me, it’s normal to workout in the mornings, and I would rather prefer a sweat session at the (home)gym or a run in nature, however, this mild hike would work for someone who likes to start their day with a little fresh air and quality time with the dogs.  

My takeaways of Marianna Hewitt’s routine

Mariana’s morning went great. Again, I would spend more cuddle time with the dog over the phone, if in any case, I would have a dog myself. 

Best for dog lovers and those who like a fast breakfast!
Marianna’s routine is well-rounded and pretty simple. 

What is your morning routine?

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