Is there finally some good news about the pandemic, COVID-19. We have suddenly extra time on our hands. Where you before had a busy rhythm, not sure what to tackle first you are now confronted with the insecurity of how to pass your time. Just because sports clubs and gyms are closed it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay active. Here are some tips for workouts at home or near the house, whether you have the equipment or not. 

Youtube workout videos 

There are only two ways you can come out of the quarantine:
ripped or in need of a diet

Switching to a home routine isn’t easy, I get that. We are so used to that follow the instructions of a coach or a program. The fastest way to start an at-home workout is to check out youtube videos, which are typically around 10 to 40 minutes. My favors are HIIT workouts with Emi Wong and Yoga with Adrienne

Jump rope

Skipping is a go-to warming up or a tool to get a cardio workout in when trapped around the house. If you have a room high enough you can skip around safely, in other circumstances, step outside and make full potential of the balcony or garden. You can also get that extra Vitamin D in when you spend that endurance workout outside. 

Peloton bike

I agree this is a bigger investment. Cycling is an absolute popular sport in the Netherlands and Belgium and I am sure there are cycling simpatico’s from other countries. In all honesty, I have a cheaper alternative for the peloton bike. So what I did, is I have put my bike on rollers in our garage and I do short rides of 20-40 minutes. I usually combine it with listening to a new episode of the RiseandConquer podcast.

The thing that seems like the end of the world right now, isn’t going to get better if you are stressing and worrying about the situation. Just get outside, while you still can or workout at home. 

For now, I have only one thing to write, and that is Doei, Salut, Goodbye
and create your absolute life! 

X.  B. 

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