Ten ways to love your body

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The worst thing is the diet culture equates weight and size with happiness and health. Being thinner doesn’t mean necessarily you’re healthier. Behaviors are much more correlated with health than our weight. 

These are real-time tips and tricks
to love your body

These are the tips and tricks I gathered from the 1:1 sessions of my clients. I want to share this with my community. So thankful to inspire you daily. 

Reminder – You are great!

We do forget that we are special, that we have a great personality and a great body. I notice this often with my clients that they have negative thoughts about themselves. I hear them say often I could have done this better, this is stupid of me, and so on. I would ask them right then at that moment to stop and take a breath. Then I want them to reverse their wording to at least I am trying to. Often we tend to be our biggest critic, however it’s much more important to be our own cheerleader. 

Embrace your body 

There is no perfect body. We are too skinny, too fat, too athletic. Your body has a purpose. A friend of mine looks gorgeous and had run four marathons, but she can be picky about her belly that sticks out when she is sitting in a certain position. For all women, our body has a purpose, we can pinpoint certain things that aren’t picture-perfect, but our bodies are here to get us through different stages in life – balancing hormones or becoming a mom (one day). On a cellular level, your body can do so much – work, bike, survive an illness. Be thankful for that! 

Stop apologizing 

If it doesn’t feel good, have to guts to share this with a friend, even your partner. Be honest and tell what’s on your mind, cause then you stand in your power. 

Be grateful 

It’s the highest vibe. Be thankful for your coffee, the sun, and so on. I am grateful for going for a run, and take off my day. I had been in a situation that I was just happy that I could go to work, being satisfied with the work I did was an accomplishment itself. 

Curves are sexy

Not sure where the idea came from why girls want to be skinny and men must have muscles. Don’t see your curves as a disadvantage, but something that can work for you. You are sexy! Okay! 

Focus on what you can gain

Years back we took pictures on holiday when we were tanned and relaxed. We also looked at our best for special occasions like a wedding. Nowadays, we are confronted with pictures of others and ourselves daily. Time is changing, less filter, and patching these days, still not all that we see is the reality. If you fake it, you don’t show that level of confidence. I understand you want to make a good picture, but it’s your personality in a picture that counts not your appearance. It’s about the person behind the picture. 

Be vulnerable 

I hear my clients saying a lot I am not enough

  • I am not loved enough
  • I am not safe enough
  • I am not secure enough
  • I am not like enough

The above is all in a stage of scarcity. When you are most vulnerable that is when you can experience love and creativity. It doesn’t matter if you fail and punish yourself. Live can be great and you can be vulnerable in an authentic way. Showing you have flaws is the most beautiful thing about someone. There is where confidence is built. If the next time something doesn’t go as planned, then you are ago. It doesn’t mean you failed that you are not worthy. 

Find your happy place

Think about your happy place. For me, it’s for sure out in nature, but for my clients, it can be the yoga mat or their favorite coffee spot. It can be anything you want, of course, it needs to be actionable and reachable. Find yours! 

To do: one thing you love

Give love every day! This can be a mini-mind activity, journal, or meditate. My one thing to love is my happy dance. I do that and within a few minutes I am backgrounded, keep on enjoying my life and on top, I give love to my body. 

Want some support? 

Sign up for my 1:1 program by booking a coffee call with me, to end your diet cycle and fall in love with your body again. If you have any questions about any upcoming program just slide in my DMs.

For now, I have only one thing to add and that is…

Doei, salut, goodbye and create your sexiest lives! 

Mirabelle .x

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